Space Table

The HW-Spacetable is not a normal desk. It is a multifunctional and adaptable computer table, where you can easily build your computer into your desk.

If you are a flight simulator or a space junkie, then the HW Spacetable is just right for you. You can easily mount your HOTAS on the optionally available brackets. These can be moved individually for an incredible gaming experience.

The classic racing drivers among us are also catered for, because you can also mount a steering wheel on the HOTAS brackets, which guarantees a unique gaming experience.


The HW-Spacetable is not only awesome because of its expandability! It is also basically customizable in terms of its equipment and colors.

Do you need a second computer for work or for the stream? No problem! This is also taken care of, because you can easily install a second computer in the housing or simply connect your console to it.

Furthermore, the HW space table convinces with its grandiose appearance.

It can be illuminated individually and through a plexiglass front you can see the beautiful and even fascinating inside of the computer at any time.

There are no limits to your ideas!


Technische Daten:


The frame of all tables is made of anodized aluminum profiles. The construction is very stable and can be loaded up to 160kg.

You can individually clamp covers on the sides if you want, or simply adjust them to the desired height and use them as a footrest.

You can also use the center console as a holder for gaming pedals and set it up in the perfect position.


      The housing is made of aluminum RAL powder-coated. The housing size of the HW-Spacetable Gaming is 50 x 120-160cm.

  • The case height of the HW-Spacetable Gaming is 19cm.
  • The housing is always delivered completely pre-assembled. All you have to do is assemble the table frame and mount the table tops.
  • There are 6-8 cutouts for 120mm fans in the case and the slide-in covers.
  • Furthermore, there are 5 bushings with rubber seals in the bottom of the housing for cable management to prevent damage to the cables and to minimize the ingress of dust.
  • A very stable substructure for mounting mainboards or other hardware forms the heart of our HW space tables!
  • You can position your mainboard on it according to your wishes and add whatever you can imagine. There are few limits to your fantasy here.
  • A mainboard template is supplied to position the spacers correctly.

      We want to develop this device with our Kickstarter Backer and respond to your wishes.

      The HW-Spacetable Gaming 1200-1600 includes:

  • 1 slide-in cover for rear wall aluminum RAL powder-coated for power supply unit with cable inlet and fan
  • 1 piece slide-in cover rear wall aluminum RAL powder-coated with a fan

      For the front, the HW Spacetable Gaming 1200-1600 includes:

  • 1 slide-in cover front aluminum RAL powder-coated with 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.1, 4 x USB 2.0
  • 1 piece slide-in cover front aluminum RAL powder-coated closed
  • 1 piece slide-in cover front clear plexiglass for the center
  • 1 piece slide-in cover front aluminum RAL powder-coated closed

      We want to invite the Kickstarter backers to take part in the development and to support our team with their design suggestions!

  • The table tops are Max coated and protected with plastic edges on all edges. They are 2cm thick and are available in different colors.
  • Table top size of HW-Spacetable Gaming is 1 piece 40cm x 121-161cm and 1 piece 51cm x 121-161cm
  • Table top size of HW-Spacetable / Double Side is 2 pieces 40cm x 121-161cm and 1 piece 51cm x 121-161cm
  • And all of this is handmade in Austria!

Hotas/Lenkrad Halterungen:

Mit der Praktischen und Innovativen Hotas und Lenkrad Halterung ist das großartige Spielerlebnis schon vorprogramiert.

Sie können ihr Lenkrad oder die Hotas beliebig in Position schieben. Wenn Sie die Hotas nach dem Spielerlebnis nicht mehr benötigen drehen Sie die Halterungen einfach um und verstauen iIe diese im Handumdrehen.

7 Zoll Bildschirmcover:

Sie wollen Ihren Taschenrechner per Touch bedienen oder ihren Twitch Chat anzeigen lassen? Kein Problem mit dem 7 Zoll Touch Display ist alles Möglich.